Q. What type of racing Service is A1 Racing?

A. A1 Racing is a Subscription Service that has 3 options to subscribe £150 per month, £595 for 6 months or £995 for 12 months.

Q As a member how do I receive the bets from A1 Racing?

A. Bets are accessed by logging into the members area on the website or direct to your mobile phone via a free SMS text message.

Q. How do I receive a FREE TRIAL BET from A1 Racing?

A. A1 Racing offer a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Tip by submitting your mobile phone number on to our FREE TRIAL caption.

Q. When is the FREE TRIAL available?

A. FREE TRIAL bets are available when displayed on our Home Page usually once a week.

Q. Can I keep on receiving FREE TRIAL bets to my mobile?

A. No, FREE TRIAL bets are only available once for each customer.

Q. Do members have their own personal account?

A. Yes, each member has a unique personal account showing their details and all their bets since joining the Service.

Q. How many bets can I expect to receive each month as a member of the Service?

A. Members can expect to receive approximately 10-14 each month. However, during the Flat Season members can expect more bets due to more evening racing. All our bets are advised and calculated to Level Stakes at SP

Q. Does the Service provide genuine racing information for it's members?

A. Yes it does! We are certainly not a fly by night service as we have been going since 1996. The information we provide is of a genuine quality direct from those in the know.

Q. I still have questions to ask can I contact you to ask them?

A. Of course, you can either call our office direct on 01908 661900 or email: a1racing@mail.co.uk